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ACC Consortium teams in over 20 global regions are the force behind us. At ACC American Consortium, we support and build infrastructure and trading skills nurturing our global network.

Business Model

ACC Consortium business model is based on "Total Solution Procurement Services (TSPS) including the following:

1 - Suppliers Management

2 - Transport Logistics Contracting

3 - FOB/CIF Ship Freight Contracting

4 - Origin-Destination Ports Inspection

5 - Financing Preferred Clients ( HRC Coils)

 Responsible Outsourcing Guidelines

While ACC Consortium Total Solution Procurement Services and Outsourcing guarantees your raw materials flow to the floor of your mills, we work out the logistics of shipping to your mill.

Children Labor Free Supply Lines

ACC Consortium guarantee services to client mills while alert to the risk of negative social or environmental impact. The hazardous nature in production or outsourcing of some commodities employ thousands of children throughout the world. ACC Consortium has adapted high standards expect contracted suppliers to offer commodities free of children labor.

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